Archipelago Small Mackerel Block N323  Wood Carving Nautical Gift
Archipelago Small Mackerel Block N323  Wood Carving Nautical Gift

Archipelago Small Mackerel Block N323 Wood Carving Nautical Gift

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This Archipelago Wood Carving features five small Mackerel in a shoal on a natural sustainable soft wooden base. Each fish is hand carved and painted by the talented Fair Trade carvers and sculptors of Archipelago. This beautiful shoal sculpture fits perfectly into any coastal inspired interior home and is often used as a windowsill feature.

30cm Height (approx)


British design and innovation is at the very core of Archipelago, renowned for their beautiful wildlife wood carvings.

Each piece is hand carved from sustainable wood, giving an authentic and highly individual character which is instantly recognisable. 

From the first sketches to the final product, the Archipelago UK design team work directly with fair trade skilled carvers and sculptors to carefully manage the entire creative process. 

Archipelago has grown to be a recognised design label for both interiors and gardens. Each piece carries fair trading, story label and teak tag and comes stamped with official Archipelago branding iron logo. This ensures the items authenticity.

These beautifully carved pieces would make wonderful gifts and grace any home.


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Known as the ‘silver darlings’, the beautiful herring is famous for its large shining shoals. It was once the food of the poor and the saying ‘neither fish, nor fowl nor good red herring’ referred to the diets of the clergy, the rich and the poor. Red herring is fish which is dry salted then smoked, as opposed to white herring, which is cured in barrels. The use of red herring to mean a decoy appears to have arisen from its smell, which was apparently strong enough to cover the scent of a fox’s trail! Huge shoals of herring used to migrate from the winter grounds in Norway past
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