Archipelago Pheasant Wood Carving
Archipelago Pheasant Wood Carving

Archipelago Pheasant Wood Carving

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This is a beautiful hand carved PHEASANT from the talented carvers and sculptors of Archipelago

Height 23 cm (approx)

British design and innovation is at the very core of Archipelago, renowned for their beautiful wildlife wood carvings.

Each piece is hand carved from sustainable wood, giving an authentic and highly individual character which is instantly recognisable.

From the first sketches to the final product, the Archipelago UK design team work directly with fair trade skilled carvers and sculptors to carefully manage the entire creative process.

Archipelago has grown to be a recognised design label for both interiors and gardens. Each piece carries fair trading, story label and teak tag and comes stamped with official Archipelago branding iron logo. This ensures the items authenticity.

These beautifully carved pieces would make wonderful gifts and grace any home.

Bells Cottage Interiors are delighted to be Authorised Archipelago Stockists.

We carefully source our products to provide high quality and beauty for home and gifts.

Bird Information

This handsome game bird was first introduced by the Normans in the 11thC and most are reared artificially and released as adults for shooting. They are protected during the closed season of February to September, and often seen foraging in fields near woodland edges, copses and hedgerows. The birds have a varied diet of seeds, berries, insects and worms...and green vegetables in winter!

The pheasant has a distinctive loud harsh call and the male often has a harem of several females, which he defends aggressively inside his territory. Eggs are laid in a small depression in long grass or under hedges, and at night the groups roost in the safety of low branches of overhanging trees. In the wild birds can live up to 7 years.