La Rochère Bee Jug 1 Litre
La Rochère Bee Jug 1 Litre
La Rochère Bee Jug 1 Litre

La Rochère Bee Jug 1 Litre

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La Rochère                                    

Bee Jug 1 Litre

Dishwasher Safe

This stunning Glassware is sturdy and perfect for everyday use. Classic in design, which makes these suitable for both casual and elegant and will compliment any table. A stylish and simple jug to serve your juice, cocktails or Iced tea. La Rochere has a stable base and is easy to hold making it perfect for family and guests of all ages.

The Bee is the iconic motif of the French Empire.

Founded in 1475, La Rochere is the oldest working art Glassworks in France.

With a wealth of expertise the Glassworks produces tableware and decorative items from both mouth blown, and machine pressed glass.

Pressed glass is produced by pouring molten glass into a metal mould and then applying pressure to produce the various designs. The glass is thick, giving it strength and simplicity.

A pressure seam is sometimes visible when the glass is released from the mould and is characteristic of this manufacturing process.

Bells Cottage Interiors are delighted to stock La Rochere. We carefully source our products to provide high quality and beauty for home and gifts.